` Festival of Governance 2017




A festival is an opportunity to bring our clients, partners and contributors together, to celebrate examples of good governance and to share ideas and experiences with a wide range of colleagues where old friends meet and new ones are made.

This year will be our third Festival of Governance, building on the success from the events in 2015 and 2016 and will provide opportunities to engage with leaders and decision-makers from across multiple sectors.

Festival of Governance 2017: Good Governance because leadership is a changing landscape.

The Festival this year will be staged across a series of events and debates across a two-month period, across the UK and Europe.

All our events within the series will be focused around how the landscape of leadership is changing – moving from not just a single organisational focus, but one that must also embrace different organisations and partners working together to transform services. Across the series we will work through the puzzle of getting the mechanics and dynamics of good governance to add value in today’s ever-increasingly connected world.

These events are designed to inspire our colleagues with thought provoking examples of best practice around the changing landscape of leadership, most of which developed in collaboration with our clients and partners and will be presented in innovative and exciting ways.

The events this year will also build on the success of working across multiple sectors. The knowledge accumulated from various leadership models and governance frameworks provides GGI with a unique perspective on retaining the key principles of good governance in shifting circumstances.

We will use the Festival to inspire our colleagues with examples brought from across different sectors.

Keynote speeches will provide opportunities to hear, explore and examine pertinent and relative issues. Work that we have undertaken with clients and partner organisations throughout the year will be presented in innovative ways across the events, allowing the sharing of what works, what doesn’t, and will ensure plenty of delegate interaction and feedback.

Your involvement in Festival 2017 is not to be missed, it will add real value to your organisation and communities.


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