Good governance because fairer is better.

It is the mission of the Good Governance Institute to create a better fairer world through good governance.

Our theme for the Festival of Governance 2022 - Good governance because fairer is better - is central to our mission and resonates strongly in this extraordinary year.

Participation, imagination and connection are what creates a successful festival. The Festival of Governance is an annual opportunity for leaders from across the public, third and private sectors to meet and explore ways to create better and fairer organisations. The festival celebrates their work.

Each year, as the centrepiece of the festival, we host an annual lecture, an opportunity to hear from an excellent speaker and for old friends to meet and new ones to be made. Our keynote speaker this year for the annual lecture will be announced soon. Of course, we will also be announcing the annual good governance award.

These are all questions that must be aired and debated – and our 2022 Festival of Governance will provide a platform for that debate.

In our series of Festival launch videos, we prompt an examination into what the Nolan Principles mean, how they are used and whether fairness should be added to the list.

Join the national debate @GoodGovInst using the hashtags #festofgov #ethicalculture #nolanprinciples and register to be informed of upcoming Festival events as well as our upcoming podcasts on The Public Good.

If you would like to be kept informed about this year’s festival programme, we'd love to hear from you – please register your interest here.

Festival of Governance 2022

The theme for the Festival of Governance 2022 is good governance because fairer is better.

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Festival of Governance 2021

The Festival of Governance 2021 will be based on a newly invented board game. The aim of the game is to align mindset, systems, and culture with whatever we aim to change or flip the script on.

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Festival of Governance 2020

Our 2020 Festival of Governance called for a renaissance 2.0, Good Governance because it’s time to think again.

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Festival of Governance 2019

This year GGI is 10! It’s a milestone we wanted to celebrate with the people who have contributed to our success thus far.

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Festival of Governance 2018

The Festival of Governance 2018 explored the way communities are created and sustained through good governance, exploring issues of engagement, improvement, diversity, immigration, sustainability, technology, partnerships and the voice of communities.

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Festival of Governance 2017

The 2017 Festival of Governance was themed, “Rubik’s cube.” Jaco Marais, GGI’s creative director, used the six sides of the cube to demonstrate the services GGI offers our clients.

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