Tim Nathan’s photographs will exhibit for the first week of the festival at Bermondsey Project Space, 183-185 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UW.

We will host a number of events including the launch of our Flip the Script board game and this year’s printed Review. It will be a week where we fuse photography with knowledge, art, music and culture. Make sure to book your place now as spaces are limited.

Early reviews

"The pandemic and its consequent lockdown requirements have caused each and every one of us to deepen our level of reflectiveness. It has forced us to readjust our priorities. Irrespective of all the hardships and challenges it has brought, it has also seen many of us grow, develop, and begin to think more profoundly."

- Gareth Stevens

The exhibition

"When I first looked at Tim Nathan's recent works I used the words 'many have witnessed such scenes but few have captured them’, of course though we ourselves are captive to nature's grand illusions and stand marvelling in its elusive presence.

"What we witness in the evening is gone by morning and so too, the morning skies and horizons are long gone by nightfall.

"For Tim Nathan this recent work is a marked endpoint in what seems to have been a personal journey. What went before were fleeting abstractions and diverse figurative sketches, in which the artist is playing with form and pathos with bold yet delicate strokes of the ink pen. What we are witnessing is a discovery of the world through glass again, a return to the photographic.

"Here in this new zen-like phase, that is expressive, yet both rigid and disciplined, Tim rests his eyes on that which we seek but never find, only to discover that it was there right in front of our eyes all the time.

"It is as if the drama and anticipation of changing skies and moody seas echo the complication and confusion of our troubled minds. These scenes witnessed through a lens and cast within a frame speak of personal human pain, experiences and circumstances, temper our suffering. The sea and sky bring us a calm wonder and visceral moments in time. Nature's visual gift to us is that of peace and joy."

- Eddie Knight

The exhibition

About Bermondsey Project Space

Bermondsey Project Space (BPS) is a not-for-profit creative platform to encourage personal development through the visual arts, supporting the fusion of art, photography, film and culture. The Gallery comprises three floors of exhibition space, including a dedicated screening room, located on one of the most vibrant destination streets in London, in the shadow of the Shard, adjacent to White Cube and close to Borough Market and Tate Modern.

BPS hosts an exhibition programme spanning painting, photography, installation, sound and moving image, complimented by performances of poetry, spoken word, dance and music. The Gallery’s programme attracts a similarly diverse audience, which also includes an outreach programme working with local school groups, and projects with regional and national charities. Recently these have included ‘Build Love, Not Walls’ in collaboration SHADO, supporting LGBTQI+ and refugee charities, an art prize with environmental charity Sustainability First, and photography workshops with local students as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

183-185 Bermondsey Street

London SE1 3UW


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The exhibition