Location: Digital event via Zoom Conference Call.

Join us and the One Planet Centre for the launch of the new One Planet Standard - a roadmap for running eco-friendly, sustainable organisations.

Launched first in Wales, inspired by the Well-being of Future Generations Act, the new Standard aims to make it clear how to take action on sustainability and celebrate success.

The Standard is designed to help public bodies, private companies and community organisations comply with regulation. Its architects argue as well as enhanced reputation, becoming greener can lead to leaner, more efficient operation, better performance ​ and improved staff motivation.

The session

GGI introduction: Stephen McCulloch, Director of Communications, GGI

Chaired by: Jane Davidson, Pro Is-Ganghellor/Pro Vice-Chancellor Emeritus, UWTSD

Jane Davidson

Speakers/other: David Thorpe, Founder, One Planet Standard (video)

David Thorpe

Joan Walley, Former MP and former Shadow Transport and Shadow Environment Minister and Chair of the Environmental Audit Select Committee for five years

Joan Walley

Virginia Isaac, One Planet Standard

Paul Bridle, CEO, Assessment Services

Jaco Marais, Partner, GGI

Sebastian Wood, Managing Director, Whitby Wood


3.00 – 3.03pm - Welcome and introductions to chair – Stephen McCulloch

3.03 – 3.05pm - Welcome from the chair and

3.03 – 3.05pm - Pre-recorded film – David Thorpe

3.05 – 3.10pm - Context/enviro relationships between business and govt - Joan Whalley

3.10 – 3.15pm - How the standard works – Virginia Issacs

3.15 – 3.20pm - How the assessment works – Paul Bridle

3.20 – 3.25pm - Its link to governance and GGI involvement – Jaco Marais

3.25 – 3.30pm - A customer perspective – Sebastian Wood

3.30 – 3.55pm - Q&A open to audience – led by Jane Davidson