Original thinking and the sharing of ideas is what our Festival of Governance is all about. This year contributors will explore how we can do better as we emerge from the coronavirus crisis. It’s now up to all of us to find new, creative ways through this crisis towards a brighter future for all.

Each year our festival revolves around a different theme, traditionally announced on Good Friday. This year our theme is Good governance because we can flip the script. Since our very first Festival of Governance in 2015, the Good Governance Institute has been ‘flipping the script’ on the role of good governance in society.

It’s a theme that resonates strongly in this extraordinary year, as our friends in the NHS, local authorities, third sector and higher education, seek ways to secure a better future with better outcomes for the people they are responsible to. The Festival of Governance celebrates their work.

Participation, imagination and connection are what creates a successful festival. The Festival of Governance is an annual opportunity for leaders from across the public, third and private sectors to meet and explore ways to create better and fairer organisations.

Each year, as the centrepiece of the festival, we host an annual lecture, an opportunity to hear from an excellent speaker and for old friends to meet and new ones to be made. Our keynote speaker this year for the annual lecture is Prof. Jaideep Prabhu, senior lecturer at Cambridge Business School and author of: How should a government be, Jugaad and Frugal Innovation.

A key part of the festival and the annual lecture is the presentation of the annual good governance award. This year's recipient is Sir Michael Marmot for his significant lifetime of work to provide evidence-based decision making in the public sector and his excellent work on the good governance principle of fairness through addressing inequalities in society.

These are uncertain times, as we navigate, slowly, our way out of the pandemic and at the same time through significant public sector reform focused on the integration of health and social care. It is a demanding time for leaders of all organisations, and for the staff or these organisations - many of whom have been on the frontline for 18 months. But in the challenge, there is plenty of opportunity for flipping the script on how things are done. Changing our mindset, adapting or remaking our systems and culture. Something GGI has been helping boards to do for 12 years.

If you would like to be kept informed about this year’s festival we'd love to hear from you – please register your interest here.

Festival of Governance 2021

The Festival of Governance 2021 will be based on a newly invented board game. The aim of the game is to align mindset, systems, and culture with whatever we aim to change or flip the script on.

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This year GGI is 10! It’s a milestone we wanted to celebrate with the people who have contributed to our success thus far.

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The 2017 Festival of Governance was themed, “Rubik’s cube.” Jaco Marais, GGI’s creative director, used the six sides of the cube to demonstrate the services GGI offers our clients.

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The 2016 festival of governance was themed, “The future is in our hands.” The festival hoped to inspire new ideas that aimed to create a future “better than the one that is inevitable.”

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