The 2017 Festival of Governance was themed, “Rubik’s cube.” Jaco Marais, GGI’s creative director, used the six sides of the cube to demonstrate the services GGI offers our clients. In order to solve a problem, we have to review where the organisation is currently at and the challenges it faces. We then develop a solution to the challenges and support implementation before helping the client sustain the improved state of their company.

Sometimes, an organisation can have the perfect combination of governance mechanics but still face challenges implementing them. Here we engage with clients to help them communicate with their staff ensuring they understand the importance of good governance. Then we may innovate and act as the facilitator rather than a problem solver, to help the client solve problems on their own. Finally, we hope to inspire by presenting case studies and thought-leadership content to enable organisation to solve problems independent of GGI.

Festival of Governance 2017

This story of the Mechanics (Review, Develop, Sustain) and the Dynamics (Innovate, Engage, Inspire) is a powerful story in helping GGI explain governance. The Rubik’s Cube provides a great metaphor through which to articulate the support that we provide.

Festival review

The Festival Review is the Good Governance Institute’s annual report on the world of good governance. This document pushes our collective creativity to the edge. It is a printed document that every year reviews the scope of good governance and its influence on everyday life.

The review is built by writers, artists, photographers, researchers, thought-leaders, designers, experts and editors to make for an impactful statement that can be both shared and treasured for generations to come.

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