The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new


Good governance - because we can “flip the script”

A mini Glossary

Governance: who decides what

  • The right people together

  • To decide things (with the right information, at the right time)

  • For the best outcomes for everyone

Good: not best that you can do, but the best that can be done

Change: Alter, transform, or switch

Flip the script: To reverse a situation, especially by doing something unexpected.

Since our very first Festival of Governance in 2015, the Good Governance Institute has been ‘flipping the script’ on the role of good governance in society.

Our programme is free and includes both virtual and in-person events. Virtual events will run throughout September exploring the integration of intent with

  • mindset

  • system, and

  • culture.

Our in-person events include a gallery week in Bermondsey Street.

We have designed a board game called: Flip the Script. Members of the public, surrounded by Tim Nathan’s photographic exhibition, will be able to collaborate on solving a problem live in the Bermondsey Project Space.

For the week of the 1st of September, every day for an hour participants will role play different points of view based on intent, mindset, system and culture. These, as we know, can become toxic and defensive positions.

We at the Good Governance Institute believe that by turning thoughts and ideas on their heads and by thinking about, talking about and seeing them differently, we can flip the script on what have become some very ingrained and steadfast positions. Only once players have flipped the script on one or a combination of positions, will the group be able to agree on a favourable resolution to the game.

This printed guide to the festival, as well as the exhibition, will be packed with information, artwork and articles exploring different angles on integration, mindset, systems and cultures.

Prof. Jaideep Prabhu, senior lecturer at Cambridge Business School and author of: How should a government be, Jugaad and Frugal Innovation will be our keynote speaker at this year’s annual lecture on the 22nd of September.

We will also be presenting the annual good governance award to Sir Michael Marmot at our annual lecture on 22 September. We want to pay tribute to his significant lifetime of work to provide evidence-based decision making in the public sector and his excellent work on the good governance principle of fairness through addressing inequalities in society.

Good Governance because we can flip the script – turning thoughts and ideas on their heads, thinking about and seeing them from each other’s point of view.

Jaco Marais

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Festival review

The Festival Review is the Good Governance Institute’s annual report on the world of good governance. This document pushes our collective creativity to the edge.

​It is a printed document that every year reviews the scope of good governance and its influence on everyday life.

This year’s publication will examine a number of sectors related to NHS and other public or third sector organisations, looking beyond systems at health and wellbeing outcomes in every aspect of a person's existence.

The review is built by writers, artists, photographers, researchers, thought-leaders, designers, experts and editors to make for an impactful statement that can be both shared and treasured for generations to come.

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Thank you for including us in your Festival – we really enjoyed the sessions, especially the Allyship event.

Gary BatesClient Relationship Director, STEPS

Good governance award

Each year the Institute recognises the achievements that one person has made towards advancing good governance through the Good Governance Award.

This year's winner has been announced as Sir Michael Marmot for the incredible work he has done in his long and prestigious career on evidence-based decision making and tackling health inequalities.

Previous winners of the award have included Dame Janet Smith, Judge Mervyn King, Sir William Wells, Sir Liam Donaldson, Dame Julie Moore – on behalf of NHS managers on the 70th anniversary of the NHS, and Dame Fiona Caldicott.

These people have made the world a better and fairer place for everyone.

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Good governance award