On Good Friday we launched our eighth annual Festival of Governance. Fairness relates to all seven of the Nolan Principles but we think it needs to be added as an eighth principle because there are specific considerations that are not explicitly addressed in the current list of seven principles.

The Commons debate on 21 April 2022 referring the prime minister to the Privileges Committee repeatedly called on the Nolan Principles of honesty, integrity, accountability and leadership. Many speakers highlighted the practicalities of an ethical culture that relies on the honour of people in positions of public leadership. We will be continuing to debate the Nolan Principles including the meaning of fairness in a series of podcasts hosted in our upcoming podcasts on The Public Good.

The centrepiece of the festival is the annual lecture. Our keynote speaker this year for the annual lecture will be Dr Anjali Mazumder, the Theme Lead on AI and Justice & Human Rights at the Alan Turing Institute.

Baroness Helena Kennedy has kindly accepted the 2022 Good Governance Award in recognition of dedicating her professional life giving voice to those who have least power within the system, championing civil liberties and promoting human rights.

Good governance because fairer is better is what the 2022 Festival of Governance is all about.

Please register your interest here for a full programme of Festival events.

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Festival review

The Festival Review is the Good Governance Institute’s annual report on the world of good governance. This document pushes our collective creativity to the edge.

​It is a printed document that every year reviews the scope of good governance and its influence on everyday life.

This year’s publication will examine a number of sectors related to NHS and other public or third sector organisations, looking beyond systems at health and wellbeing outcomes in every aspect of a person's existence.

The review is built by writers, artists, photographers, researchers, thought-leaders, designers, experts and editors to make for an impactful statement that can be both shared and treasured for generations to come.

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Thank you for including us in your Festival – we really enjoyed the sessions, especially the Allyship event."

Gary BatesClient Relationship Director, STEPS

Good governance award

Each year the Institute recognises the achievements that one person has made towards advancing good governance through the Good Governance Award.

This year's winner is Baroness Helena Kennedy.

Previous winners of the award have included Dame Janet Smith, Judge Mervyn King, Sir William Wells, Sir Liam Donaldson, Dame Julie Moore – on behalf of NHS managers, Dame Fiona Caldicott and Sir Michael Marmot.

These people have made the world a better and fairer place for everyone.

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Good governance award